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skylerDomination Phone Sex. We have your number and it’s Toll Free:

If you like to be under the control of a dominating woman, then you’re going to want to call right now! My girls and I specialize in phone sex domination and provide the ultimate release for all of you who need the guidance of a strong woman during hot and steamy phone masturbation sessions.

Let’s put it differently.  We like to dominate! Simple as that. We have been in the business of providing delicious phone orgasms for nearly twenty years now, but when it comes to one specialty we really excel at, sensual domination certainly ranks right up there with the rest.

We talk to men who already know they are submissive when they call us and want to explore their fantasies even further, but we also love to have our way with men who think they are the ones who will be in control.  It’s like a challenge for them as they are under the illusion that we will submit to them just because they are men…  They arrive all macho like and leave us with their tail between their legs, obedient and broken sluts, only they very much like that they have discovered about themselves.

Once a man submits to a real life domina, it’s nearly always the case that he will want to come for more.

And come he (YOU!) will…

Look, you can train anyone (and I have trained many women) to be the best phone sex girls in the industry.  You can teach a woman to be assertive, in command, but not every woman is born to be a mistress.

To be a real dominatrix, you need to have something inside of you that cannot be taught. Some women have that inner quality, and are able to bring any man to his knees and make him cry like the pussy he really is.  Some women are not. We are!  Are you up to the challenge?

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Here are a few other cheap phone sex numbers for just about all the fetishes you can think of:

checkBox Shemale Domination Phone Sex
Bend down and take it like a man! Let’s face it, to be dominated by a shemale femdom is an experience you will never forget. So if you’re into cock sucking, strap-on, whether you are gay, bisexual or a particularly curious hetero sexual man, the lure of a shemale is a delicious one.

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checkBoxSissy Boys Phone Sex
Sissy boy, feminization, strict mommy love, sissy training? You need to call one of our powerful sexual Mistresses. They specialize in panty boys, cum sluts, crossdressers and so much more.

Call 888-212-6864

checkBoxHumiliation Phone Sex
Are you feeling the need? The need to be humiliated? By the size of your tiny cock, the inadequacy of your sexual performances, we love humiliating little men like you.

Call 888-210-1257

checkBoxDomination and Submission Adult Phone
A delicious combination of sadomasochism, bondage and discipline and more.

Call 888-209-2221

checkBoxCock Control and Cock Domination Phone Sex
Let’s see. Just because you have a hard cock doesn’t mean you can come. We are the expert in cock control.

Call 888-211-6098

checkBoxTease and Denial Phone Sex
The sweetest form of control. Whether it is sensual domination, or a more hardcore humiliation session, tease and denial is a unique took in the arsenal of a true FemDom. Let’s see how long you can last!

Call 888-211-6113

checkBox Gay and Bisexual Phone Sex Domination
Yeah we know. Your desire for a hard cock is so strong you spend hours thinking about what it would feel to actually feel another man’s cock. Exciting as it might be, phone sex IS the safest way to go about this. Call any one of our sexy dudes for the privileged of being guided into the realm of cock, and if you would prefer to talk about this with a woman, then we are the girls for you. I once listened into a conversation between one of my femdom ladies and her bisexual caller, and I couldn’t believe how horny he was, listening to her every words. I was too!

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checkBox Strap On Phone Sex
One of my last boyfriend favorite activities. Sometimes he couldn’t get it up until I played with his butt hole and when I say play, I mean, 6 inches of hard cock attached to my strap-on belt. Can you feel it? My hands grabbing your butt, my strap-on inching closer until you feel it poke you, and then ever so slowly, inch by inch…. Can you feel it? I talk about it here if you are into strapon!

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Sensual Domination Slave Training Feminization
adreana bo atlanta
Phone Sex is particularly appropriate when it comes to sensually dominating a caller. I know there are sites out there who claim to offer hardcore domination, but the real hardcore stuff can only be done in person. One of my favorites specialties (IF I had to chose just the one!) is training men to become my personal slave. I can turn any full grown man into a whimpering slave slut. Another favorite! (Told you there were more than one!). A follow up on slave training including cock control, cuckold phone sex, and so much more…

Call 888-209-1356